My Girls


There’s been a special group of girls that I’ve come to know and love over the last several months. They’re all seminary wives, all transplants to the L.A. area, and all very godly and wonderful women. We try to meet every other week or so for prayer and encouragement. We also have lots of fun together including horseback riding (woo hoo, Vanessa!), stick-hunting in Griffith Park (that’s another story), trips to Michael’s, coffee shops, neighborhood walks etc.  Priscilla and Andy, originally from the East Coast,  live only two blocks over, and it has been so wonderful to have a friend within walking distance. Natasha and Nate hail from Alaska, and are also newlyweds. It’s fun to hear them talk about Alaska (and bear hunting!) and their similar adjustments to married life. Vanessa and Daniel moved from San Diego to come to the seminary, but Vanessa is originally from the East Coast. She is the hip Martha Stewart of our little circle, and is always coming up with creative ideas.  All of these lovely ladies bring unique talents, wisdom and grace to our little group, and I am so thankful for their friendship! It’s hard to think that we’ll be leaving in a few short months. (From left-right: Vanessa, Natasha, Me and Priscilla)

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