Wandering the Getty


Nate had a few days off at the beginning of March, so we decided to play tourists and visit the famous Getty Museum in Los Angeles. Admission was free, though parking was $10–still a bargain at $5/person. The architecture was unique and the exhibits were fairly extensive, including some of my favorite artists: Monet, Van Gogh etc. The landscaping was also enjoyable with its whimsical style and modern designs. We wandered through the various interior and exterior delights and then treated ourselves to lunch at the Museum Cafe, sitting on the balcony overlooking the lovely grounds, and enjoying the beautiful day!


Taking the tram from the parking structure to the museum.


View of LA from the tram


This was one of our favorites


Portrait of Jeanne Kefer – I thought this was a sweet picture


Wheatstacks, Snow Effect – Monet


Irises – Van Gogh


People enjoying the beautiful day and the balcony where we had lunch


The lovely landscaping

img_7031Whimsical designs


A Barbed-wire tree trellis – modern loveliness


More landscaping


Happy Tourists

One thought on “Wandering the Getty

  • March 24, 2009 at 1:39 pm

    We got to the Getty all the time–it’s really close to Troy’s grandmother’s house! It looks like they’ve doubled the parking cost since we last went there, though. It used to be $5–an even better deal!

    Mrs. Getty lives across the street from Troy’s grandmother in Beverly Hills. She’s about 98 years old now, I think. Every day her nurse wheels her out on the porch where she sits in the afternoon sun, and then she gets wheeled back in at evening. Her sons took all her money and visit her once a month in their Ferraris.


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