Hirschler Hospitality


While staying with Lydia and Xidong in Ohio, we drove an hour or so to visit the Hirschler family. Dave was a former leader at our church, West Hills, and he is responsible for instilling Nate’s mad guitar skills. Both Dave and Serla have also been an encouragement and support to Nate for many years, and now to us as a family. Their four adorable kids are Josiah and Grace (twins), Nathan and Caleb. They treated us to a delicious meal, and then we went for a refreshing walk around their lovely neighborhood. Several of the kids gifted us with creative drawings upon our departure. It was fun for me to meet this wonderful family and I know that Nate and Lydia enjoyed catching up with them. Thanks for having us!


Catching up with Dave


Evening walk around the neighborhood


The kids rode ahead on their bikes


Josiah in front of the Hirschler abode


The Gang


Little Nathan and Big Nathan


One of the highlights of the visit…fireflies! We caught one to bring back to Lydia and Xidong’s, but apparently it didn’t feel like lighting up without his buddies, so we let him go.

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