Fly Through July

July was a very full month, and it seemed to go on and on…in a good way. I found myself thinking countless times, “Is it still July?” After Independence Day (see previous post), the rest of the month was mostly “normal” life, though normal can get pretty exciting around here! We said goodbye to the short-term team from The Master’s College (TMC) in mid-July, after a last hurrah at our house. The kids and I didn’t see them as much during their time here, so it was really a pleasure to get to know them a little better, even if it was their last night in Cambodia! It’s always fascinating to hear how the Lord works in and through short-term teams, and definitely a testament to His faithfulness to all of us. On July 16th, we skyped for my nephew Daniel’s first birthday party (his actual birthday is July 19th–the same as our team mate BJ). It’s always bittersweet to skype for big events–so very grateful for the technology that enables us to be a part of the occasion, but simultaneously, I always have to fight back the tears, wishing I could be present in person. We definitely have it better than people did 20 years ago! We finished the month out by welcoming the Mayers to Cambodia, a family from our home church in CA. Greg’s job has allowed him to telecommute for a year, enabling them to serve as the Lord leads, and to experience life as a family in Cambodia. They have already been an encouragement to us, and it’s always fun to introduce people to this fascinating culture!

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  • August 7, 2012 at 1:26 pm

    I read the same book…”Bible in Pictures…” to my girls and I loved it too. It’s so fun to see Nathan with his arms full of kids, reading it. Thanks for posting all the photos. Blessings!


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