Beach Memories with Nana and Opa

During my parents’ visit in September, we enjoyed a lovely holiday at the coast–in Sihanoukville, otherwise known as Kampong Saom. After a three-hour taxi ride (which is always exciting, since it is a constant game of passing every car without getting hit by oncoming traffic), we arrived at Independence Hotel. Our parents treated us to an amazing bungalow, overlooking the water. We fear that it will spoil all future trips to the beach, though, ha ha. We were on the coast for four days, and it rained almost the entire time–with the exception of a four-hour stretch of sunshine that we happily spent on the beach (the majority of the pictures below). Despite the lack of sunny days, we couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful time. Unlike California, rain in tropical Cambodia is warm, so I actually enjoy it (apart from the fact that the rain is polluted–oh well!). Our huge window overlooking the ocean made the rainy days that much more enjoyable. We also made a trip to the Snake House (my snake-abhorring mom generously watched Paton) and several trips to the little downtown area while we were there, and Nate and I even got away forĀ  a date night while my parents watched the kids. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for blessing us with such a marvelous trip. It thrills my heart that you experienced “going to the beach” with your two little grandchildren!

Thanks to my dad for providing many of these pictures!


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  • November 3, 2012 at 9:25 pm

    Great pictures, Christiana! If we decide to take a trip to Sihanoukville, I think I know where we’re staying–that place looks great!


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