Ava’s Early Birthday Celebration

Since Ava’s 3rd birthday (Oct 3rd) was two weeks after my parents left, we decided to have an early celebration. We enjoyed my childhood birthday dinner favorite, spaghetti (which Ava also enjoys!), followed by gifts from my parents and some of the family, and then a fun time of dancing in the living room with Ava’s new tutu and Angelina doll from Nana and Opa. This is the first year that Ava seemed to understand the “birthday” concept, and she’s decided that she definitely likes it! After Paton’s birthday, it became obvious to her that it was a good thing, and she kept asking when her birthday was–every day for a month, until the day (which I’m guessing can seem like an eternity to a three-year old?). Left: Reading the fabulous Dora card from Uncle Johnny.

Thanks, Dad, for taking these marvelous pictures!


I bought party hats that were covered with {somewhat tacky} shiny metallic paper. Upon further investigation, we found that the paper had been adhered to actual character images (Winnie the Pooh etc.)–the store had apparently decided to make the improvement, ha ha. I’m still learning that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We made a game of unwrapping the paper and seeing which character we had.

Paton and his spaghetti face. He enjoys Italian food as much as his big sister.

Opening her leotard, tutu, ballet shoes and Angelina doll from Nana and Opa–a big hit, as you can see below during our family dance session.


















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