Fa la la, la la la, la. la. la.

The weekend after Thanksgiving, we decked the halls for Christmas. Ava was definitely more excited and aware as a three-year old, than in previous years and even little Paton seemed to enjoy the festive transformation. We commenced the first Christmas carols of the season as we jollily (is that a word?) erected our beautiful Target-bought fake tree and our various Christmas decorations–some of my favorites are ones that we found here in Cambodia (various Christian NGOs). The kids wore their Christmas pajamas from last year, which were fairly snug (even though I had bought larger sizes last year–thanks, Mom, for sending new ones!). The kids were also still getting over their bout with hand, foot and mouth disease, as you can see the sores on their sweet faces (Paton missed Thanksgiving, since he was coming down sick with it on the day–Nate and and I switched off watching him, since the Mayer’s house is on our street). We were quarantined for two weeks, so having something fun to do, like decorating for Christmas, was definitely a welcomed diversion! (The completed pictures at the end of the gallery are to remind me for next year!)

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