Dancing through December

December was a busy, busy month which began with Nate’s trip to Singapore for TMAI’s Asia/Pacific Symposium (related to The Master’s Seminary in Southern CA, which Nate attended). He was gone for five days, and I stayed home alone with the kids and…Samson! We’re doggy-sitting a white labrador retriever while his owners, the Putrakals, are in the States. It was perfect timing–Samson coming to live with us the same day that Nate left on his trip. I definitely felt more safe with the huge lab who immediately began his role as protector of our home. Nate was home for a few days before we left on a short trip to Bangkok, and then we were back in Phnom Penh for a fun Christmas party with play group, the ACTION Cambodia team dinner and go karts, Christmas caroling at our house, and then Christmas Eve was upon us, which of course meant our traditional dinner and then staying up late to finish the preparations for the next day. Christmas Day was spent at our home, and then bright and early on December 26th, we headed out with friends to enjoy the beauty of the Cambodian province of Mondulkiri. We were there a few days before rushing back to participate in the Christmas celebration at Shalom Phnom Penh (our Khmer church), where I was privileged to sing “Joy to the World” (in Khmer) with the older ladies of the church. We spent a quiet New Year’s at home and then…Sua s’daye 2013!

Here are several of these December memories, though I’ll include some of the more noteworthy events in additional posts (soon to come!):


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