Little Lindleigh

IMG_3231On December 16th I became the proud uncle of Lindleigh, my sister, Lydia, and her husband, Xidong’s first child. These are the moments when it is especially hard to be away from it all, and when the reality of the fact that we really are on the other side of the world sets in. I am so proud of Lydia and Xidong as they launch on the journey that is parenthood, and discover anew the grace that is theirs in Christ. We love you three so much! Lindleigh, I am sad that I cannot be there to see your beautiful face in person, and I mourn the fact that I will not be close at hand to see you grow and that I won’t get to pass you on to your mother when you start crying like a good uncle. But I pray that by God’s grace you will come to know Jesus like I know Him, so then you can understand why I am gone, and why we both can have joy in serving God even though we are miles apart. But I am glad that I get to come see in about a year so I can hold you, and introduce you to two more cousins and an Auntie you’ve never met. We will have a blast :)

I love you so much!
Uncle Nate


The stats from my sister Lydia:

Our little daughter, Lindleigh Jiayu, was born on December 16th at 7:24pm, 7lb, 4 oz, 19.5 inches long.

Her first name, Lindleigh is in honor of Lydia’s childhood best friend, Leigh-Anne Fairhurst, whose laughter, love, and heart for God we pray will become Lindleigh’s.
Her middle name, Jiayu, means “family treasure” in Mandarin.


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